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Integrated Wellness Massage

Classical massage therapy techniques are combined in a fusion to support your wellness and healthy lifestyle. Experience relaxation and renewal with this terrific work! Your therapist draws on many years of experience and stellar training to create a 'one of a kind' experience just for you!


Massage the Organic Way

Good for you & great for the planet! Only the best will do! Wonderful session using only organic product to give you an amazing massage experience!


70 Minute Relaxation Massage

RELAX for more than an Hour! not a care in the world ... pure bliss ...


Massage with the Trimmings

60 minute table time massage session Debrand chocolates Bouquet of fresh roses Everything in one place makes for an exquisite gift.


Couples Massage Fort Wayne/Your Home

Two massage sessions back to back in the comfort of your homee. Relax and rejuvenate together! Includes massage therapy with a tranquil touch, incredibly relaxing facial steaming, heated foot masque and essential oils. Couples Massage Fort Wayne, a delicious experience!


Couples Massage Fort Wayne Ultimate Session!

2/70 minute massages in your home! PLUS, facial steaming, foot masque, essential oils, box of Debrands chocolates and bouquet of fresh roses! Absolutely wonderful session! Show your LOVE! Ultimate couples massage Fort Wayne


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Plan to let all of your worries and cares drift away. Gentle and refined treatment with a certified MLDT therapist.


Bouquet of Roses

A fresh bouquet of roses. your choice of colors.


DeBrand Chocolates

Add an extra indulgence for your Sweetie! A box of the finest chocolate to take home.


Scented Facial Steaming

Deeply nurturing. Warms the face while aromatherapy nurtures the senses reducing face and head muscular tension. Follows with a gentle cooling contrast. Drift away from the daily chaos.


Fabulous Foot Masque

Your feet receive detailed massage, are cloaked in an herbal foot balm that softens, heals and nurtures the feet...wrapped up in a cocoon of damp warmth that allows the balm to deeply nourish your feet. This is simply one of the best treatments ever!


Dry Head Massage

This great treatment gives an alternative to the fab warm organic sesame oil Head Massage. This is for those clients who want additional attention to their head but not the infusion of oil!. Tidy work.


Happy Hands

First receive detailed massage specifically for the hands and wrist... followed by rich emollient cream applied and then covered in a cocoon of warmth. Hands are soft, with improved range of motion. Deeply satisfying experience.


Facial Massage

This unique session of facial massage incorporates essential oil to help deepen the relaxation response as you sink into an aromatic swirl of delectable peace.



Add the delicate support of simple aromatherapy. True aromatherapy practices 'less is more'. The individual scents drift effortlessly around you, delighting the senses and helping you relax to the core.


Expand Your Basic Session

You may purchase additional time for your session. Rates are per person.


Healthy Head Organic Treatment

This one is absolutely profound! Rich and warmed organic sesame oil is deeply massaged into your head/scalp, then wrapped in a heated towel to drive the nourishment of the sesame deep. Your hair is soft, your thoughts tranquil worries!


Organic Mango Butter

Oh joy! To be softened and soothed into delicious island inspired mango delicious relaxation. This is one the 'manly men' thoroughly enjoy.


Vibrational Therapy/Shake n Rattle

Deeply relaxing vibrations are applied at beginning of the session to breakup the stress caused static build-up in the physical, mental and emotional body, thus allowing the session to induce an even deeper state of peaceful relaxation.


Focused Heat

Heat penetrates deeply into tight/sore muscles to release held tension. Fantastic addition to any session!


Complimentary Aromatherapy & Facial Steaming

Gift certificate add-on only. This add-on is exclusively for select gift certificate purchases.


Heated Massage

Heated massage is one of the most sublime modalities. Heat goes deep into the muscles to melt away stress, and leaves you feeling totally renewed.


Stress Be Gone!

Massage with facial steaming, aromatherapy & foot mask. Escape and return rejuvenated!


Couples Massage Fort Wayne class

THE MOST unique Gift! Fun and informative. Bring your sweetie or best friend to learn safe and effective massage therapy techniques for each other. The class is private, you, your sweetie and a certified massage therapist. Class includes massage table time for both of you, detailed instruction to address specific issues, aromatherapy & lotion. Kick it up a notch or two. Add chocolates and roses!


Organic Pampering

Good for you! Good for the planet! Utilizing natural organic products to enhance/deepen this incredible package will give a relaxation experience like none other. Indulge your senses & be pampered with body massage, foot masque, specialized hand treatment, head massage, facial steaming with signature aromatherapy facial massage ... aaahh ... true tranquil bliss!


Winter Warm Up!!

Essential oils are woven into a delectable session of warmed natural/organic creams & lotions used to apply a peaceful body massage. What a great escape!


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